LG Writing


Copywriting for Print and Online Projects



 Specializing in children's and baby product industries, education, consumer products, and psychology/mental health



Seasoned copywriter Lori Granieri crafts just the right copy for print and online communications, from website copy to online newsletters to packaging copy, catalogs, and instructional manuals to marketing and PR materials and more. She specializes in creating innovative, informative, educational, entertaining, and promotional products and materials that show, tell, sell, and compel.


She works with children's (and babies') product and toy companies (developers, manufacturers, and retailers), educational product and production companies, publishers, producers, and media professionals. 






Projects Include:

Website copy

Packaging copy

Product instructions

User manuals

Informational materials

Educational content

Background information


Marketing collateral

Advertising copy

Catalogue copy

Headlines, product descriptions

Research, writing, editing

Project coordination and management