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LG Writing creates compelling, informational, entertaining, educational, inspiring copy (based on each project's needs and goals) for print and online projects. Projects include educational products, informational materials, user and how-to guides, marketing collateral, websites, catalogs, PR materials, and more.



 Lori Granieri has been writing professionally for more than 20 years.  Her writing background includes journalism, copywriting, public relations and marketing, creative writing, book authorship, blogging, screenwriting, children's book writing, and educational writing. She is also a product developer, inventor of baby, children's and educational products, and a school psychologist. Lori has a Master of Arts degree in School Psychology, and Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and has studied Journalism.


Unique Background & Experience Highlights:

  • Seasoned writer
  • Writing experience across many genres and media
  • Child development specialist
  • School psychologist
  • Extensive marketing and PR background
  • Published author
  • Experience in children’s, babies’ and educational product development
  • Children’s educational board game creator
  • Experience with children’s book writing and screenwriting
  • Mom/parenting blogger
  • Background in research and data collection 
  • Skilled in editing and project management
  • Versed in social media and SEO
  • Experience with Wordpress
 Specialty Industries:
  • Children and baby products & toys
  • Education
  • Psychology/mental health
  • Wellness
  • Consumer products
  • Fashion, Beauty, Cosmetics industries
  • Travel & hospitality

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LG Writing is based in Ventura, California. Lori works with clients locally and nationwide, on a freelance/contract basis.


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